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The Puddle of Suck

I admit, I have suffered from depression. Clinical, real depression. I don’t talk about it overly much and I don’t let my co-workers know, though some of my friends are aware. I am a depressive person in remission. I’ve learned … Continue reading

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Choose Your Life

When I was a kid, I used to LOVE choose your adventure books. I was never willing to commit, though. I would find the solution I chose, but before I read it, I would stick a finger in and then … Continue reading

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Nomination or curse?

Thanks to Todd Duffey who writes on stuff (Todd Duffey’s Blog of Stuff) I have been nominated. Although I start to question if this is so much a nomination or a curse! As a result of this nomination – I … Continue reading

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Grating, rasping, sandpaper throat means I would give anything for cold liquid to soothe it. But the moment juice or water or even bits of ice touch my lips they become superheated and scald when I swallow. I try to … Continue reading

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