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They (unsung neurologists or stranger on the street who can get no stranger than the neurologists) say avoid addiction, especially if you have an addictive personality. But how can you identify your own obsessive, unquenchable thirst for fulfillment and anonymous … Continue reading

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Doctor Demonia’s Magical Elixir

Feeling hopeless and sort of old? Maybe shattered or freezing cold? I’ve a dream to sell you though it ain’t cheap, but it will move you and let you sleep. Heed the call of Doctor Demonia’s Magical Elixir, Let it … Continue reading

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Back, but black, as in mood

I have moved. Plenty remains in boxes, but the important things (books, clothing, internet and food) are done. It’s amazing to get home, to sit on my couch, and feel HOME. Not in a house, apartment or the like, but … Continue reading

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I spin in circles, wider and wider, my arms spread out and my eyes closed. I spin, letting the movement caress me. The wind blows through my hair and I laugh. A real laugh, not one of the ones we … Continue reading

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Around me shuffle the mindless uncaring: drones to the everyday work. I thought my way was better- inspiring, strong, promoting the tireless effort of the invested and caring. I poured my soul into success. And you noticed. “It’s for your … Continue reading

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North Wind

She sat on the cold, grey rock; a ship in the vast sea of brown grass. Dead leaves tumbled in the wind, viciously scattered without hope. Despairing, they settled on the ground, only to be stirred up again without regard, … Continue reading

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Sitting on the gnarled wooden chair, the stars rush by my feet. I reach to see if they’re really there, but they’re gone. The sky’s too far out of reach. I know life, but only see the part that fades. … Continue reading

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Red Wine

She loved the music I listened to on the radio. She had never learned how to cook anything but fudge. We’d stay up late and watch horror movies, eating fudge and instant popcorn. She knew how to talk. She could … Continue reading

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Dark Except the Moon

The night was dark except the moon and a single lonely star whose beams were brightly strewn over floor and maple escritoire. All was quiet on the death-still bed where the silent fingers of light crept, shining over her golden … Continue reading

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Silent, you laughed, as the massacred slivers of my Confusion slipped through the cracks in the walls and floors, lured in by your plastic smiles. Each piece digging into my skin, seeking a stronger hold to climb; grappling my leg … Continue reading

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Freezer Jesus

The Christians, they say Jesus is coming; he’ll rise from the dead and among us he’ll walk. He’s not coming again, for y’see, he already came that second time. But he didn’t do much walking though he talked a hell … Continue reading

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Why Me? / Why Not?

So you left me, you bastard, even you don’t know why. You hurt me and crushed me and then watched me cry with the image reflected in your glass-grey eyes. And when you turned to go, I saw Confusion, the … Continue reading

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She smiled sadistically; a false hope, a seeming friend, a bite out of a crisp red apple that turns withered and maggot-eaten even as I chew. I thought all was lost when the snake, deceit, coiled lush and smooth ’round … Continue reading

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Welcome to Hell

The light is dim and it hurts my eyes to look at the tiny print as the secretary does her nails in a violent shade of pink. I hear your name cried out while I sit on the plastic couch, … Continue reading

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You look through another’s eyes at everyone who stops to stare. And still you must wonder, why you can’t see through this glassy glare. I’m sorry for this stiff, dark, cold I had to cast on you. Believe me it’s … Continue reading

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