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In the morning, golden sunlight cascades into view. A kiss upon my skin that causes me to stretch and shift to catch the soft, heated embrace. I can feel my warm lover caressing my figure, everywhere that my flesh bares … Continue reading

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The Mask

Once worn, I feel emboldened. There is safety in anonymity. I am but a character in a story, not the person who suffers the ups and downs of the every day. With the facade in place, I can change as … Continue reading

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Just breathe

One breath in. One breath out. It requires no thought but enhances the efficacy of contemplation. Without it, survival is impossible. The act of inhalation and exhalation remains among the simplest and most necessary of bodily functions. Take a breath. … Continue reading

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Tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow

Tomorrow it begins again. I wake up. I rush to get ready, often skipping all but the barest essentials. My drive is forgotten after I reach the next block. Did I run a red light? Was it green? But I … Continue reading

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