Of use one moment,
then abandoned upon the ground,
the glint of a piece of plastic
half-hidden by the snow
is found.
A piece of non-biodegradable waste
once used for something useful:
to keep something clean;
to keep it edible;
to preserve the new smell.
Or was it just a bit of over-indulgent
excessive packaging, useful for
the preservation of the American job
and the American dream,
and helping to ensure we live in
a land of gratuitous disposal?
Either way, it lies by my foot,
Without gloves, fingers numbed,
I nonetheless pick it up
and place it in the trash,
so that I, too,
may forget.


About E

Even as a child, I read voraciously. Writing has always been a natural outlet. Sometimes bordering on macabre or edgy, I was not always safe and even today I look at some of my writing and raise an eyebrow. Read me at your own risk. I am but a 30-something professional (don't ask a professional what, for I won't answer!) who spends nights as a dreamer and sometimes writer.
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