Two figures loomed
over the supine shape
and regarded it/each other
One nodded vigorously,
poking and prodding,
taking inventory.
The other hummed quietly,
“Excess expulsion’s noisy.”
They listened to the wheeze.
“Build up in the tubes.”
They looked, but didn’t touch.
“Bad central ticker.
Appendages malfunctional.
Wiring’s rotted.
Fuel intake’s faulty.”
A short perfunctory murmur after each.
“And it’s obsolete.”
“Hmm…? Oh, dear.”
“A symbol of the past.”
“The sign of a great era.”
“A relic of a great era.”
“Is there nothing we can do?”
A slight headshake from each,
but from the one,
a single tear fell;
the red-black oil
glistening with a reflective light
in the dim hall.
A metal claw from one
consoled the copper ringwork
of the other.
“It’s all right.”
With a sigh,
the last human died.


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